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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I was wasting my life away with out my DVR box!! Ignorance is bliss, but now that i know, i cant believe what i was missing out on....

Anyway, as i sat in my crib hesitant to go get my manicure because im scared that im going to miss the Fed Ex Truck. Yes, motherfhukas, im sitting here in my crib waiting for my 'BLACKBERRY' (yes, im that excited damnit)! So, i decide to turn on my TV and see whats new on ESPN or MSNBC. Then i realize WAIT!!! I HAVE DVR!! and i didn watch my new episodes of Heroes, Prison Break, Sons of Anarchy, and House!! Ahhhhhhh, how the time flies bye waiting for Fed Ex when I can watch whats going on with the Petrilli's on Heroes and Scofield and his pursuit for Silla on Prison Break and see whats going on in Charming on Sons of Anarchy!! Damnit DVR is poppiin!!!


OHHHH SHYT!!! MY BLACKBERRY IS BACK BITCHES!!! Ill be up to date with civilization in time to keep you up to date with my primetime movements.

Wednesdays always brings a good time at Pink Elephant and Underbar, but when i hear something new, ill tell you!

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Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I LOVE my DVR...its the best thing (next to the Blackberry)! I have everything recorded from old A Different World episodes to presidential debates.