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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Alright listen, I don't claim to be a paparazzi's most favorite target or Warren Buffet (currently Richest Man in the World for those who done know) but I'm definitely someone who people look at and admire, hate, respect, like, are impressed by, wish to be like, and sometimes even disappointed with. I have no problem with Haters or Admirers; the problem I have is that you people think imitating me will lead to the same results, this goes for women and men!

This is just a little advice for the women who watch me daily, hang out with me occasionally and wish the could see me regularly. Trying to do what i do and expect me to react the way you do is quite assanine boo. If you don't call me for a month and hopefully two, I'm not trippin, so because you are when i didn't hit you all that means is that you should not be trying to evoke your feelings of neglect in me by doing the things i do (thats like trying to sell a car to a car salesman using his own pitch, dont you think i can see right through that??) People are different and have different triggers, you have to learn how to deal with a nigga that way you know what buttons to push and when not to push them. I'm all for a strong women and showing that your are independent, but please don't think my life is going to pause because you're not around. "Life is all about Options" and i live mine so that i always have some.

As you for you groupie ass niggas watching what I do, where i go and who I'm in touch with does not mean you will be traveling down the same road as me, you might think you are on teh same road, but you're not! (the realestate on Madison and 59 is much different than what is one 11th and 59th) Imitating me does not mean you will have the same success, you don't know what I'm doing when your not watching or who I know to make my plans come to fruition. So to be as generic as possible - "Stop Jocking My Fresh" The only way to be as clean as me is to be me - but I guess I can't blame you for watching me! I watched the people I wanted to be like while I grew up. The thing is, you're not supposed to imitate, you are supposed to observe then try to recreate! You can't reinvent the wheel, but you can make it more efficient and more appealing to those who utilize it. So please, for you own manhood and dignity start creating, trust me, it works much better than imitating - If not for you do it for your pride (if yall still have any)!

4 Retort(s):

Anonymous said...

SMH @ your TVM ... (Total Vegas Moment).

CXXVII said...

I say never mind what haters say, ignore em til they fade away...

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I understand. I hate when people feel the need to piggy back off of you mentally, physically, shit even emotionally.

That's so wack.

*God's Gift* said...

you betta just tell people about themselves! lol

i agree w/ the other comment...you should be flattered. i don't even feel like thinking about all the work you have to put into what you do...gives me a headache lol.
almost makes you wanna throw up :-x O:-)

no but seriously...take it as an extra pat on the back that you have haters period...if you didn't...you wouldn't be doing your job right :-)

far as the female part...idk. cuz if yo ass dont return my damn calls or texts, imma beat you up! :-p
how you like them apples!!