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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Ohh, I heard ...
Jay-Z was partying at Goldbar --

Diddy did a party at Mansion --

Kanye was hanging out at 1OAK --

NY Giants are at The Plaza --

Pharrell was with shorty at Gramercy --

Simmons Sisters were chilling inside Eldridge --

Rihanna's was with her girls at Tenjune --

All of Hip Hops Hottest artists go to these places. I wont call these places racist, because this is not what it's about. I have seen these places turn away white folks almost as much as black folks. This is about our Artists choosing not to support or come to parties run by some of New Yorks Best Urban Promoters or where the demographic consist of more than 10% black people. Hip Hop started with us, we supported "the movement / music" for decades in NYC. Now all of a sudden they can not step foot into an urban party in NYC. I get that everyone is cool now, and that partying at clubs that hold 250 ppl and only let in 55 is what it is in NYC, but when you do concerts and when you have shows you want the whole hood, and everyone you used to hang with 10 yrs ago to come out spend their money and shyt, but you can not step foot inside a party with them because you're too cool? I'm not asking for you to come to the club and slam dance with the hood or with anyone for that matter, I'm not even asking you to open the bar like you do for your birthday parties, but what is wrong with showing a little support to everyone that supports you and have supported you for decades. You want to sell records, but you don't want to be in the same building as those who buy them, you don't want to show support to the promoters you came up with or those that came up while you were blowing up. Some of these people in these places you go to are cool, but most of them them are cracker racist pricks.

Anyone who tells me you have a quota on how many black people you can have in the building I feel is full of shyt! Not wanting a room full of guys is understandable, not having a room with black guys is totally different. These places take all your money and pictures since big time musical artists are good for business but they treat your friends, your patrons, your people and sometimes EVEN YOU like shyt. But, these are the people you want to party with and show constant support! Ain't that a BITCH!?

Guess what the real funny of this story is. When I go to Atlanta, I see you in Urban Parties, When I go to Houston, I see you in Urban Parties, when I go to Miami, I see you in Urban Parties! You are all over the urban scene for so many different cities, but when it comes to NYC, everyone is too cool to be seen in the building.

"Jay-Z Host party in Atlanta"

We have bad chicks in NYC, we have people who spend money, we are the largest city in the freakin' US and we can not get so many of our large scale artist to come support the Urban Promoters, or support Urban Parties. Big shouts to the people like Swizz, Busta Rhymes who always support, shouts to people like Ludacris, Fabolous, who are not afraid of the streets, who has not forgot where they came from and who started supporting them from the beginning. Thanks to those guys for not behaving like doing something Urban is below them and they are too bourgeoisie to be affiliated. Those guys have money, they party in those same "A List" clubs that you frequent EXCLUSIVELY. No one is asking for a hand out, I may sound a little bitter because I am. I don't understand why it's ok in other cities, but not ok in the Largest City and Hip Hop / Musical Capital of the US. All I'm asking is to give a little back to the NYC Urbanites. You are giving your loyalties and your support to new people who you have not been rocking with for too long. I'm not saying you shouldn't hang with the "A Listers", far be it for me to tell you who to hang out with, I'm just saying you should also make a slight effort to hang with us in NYC as well. The funny thing is, some of you wont even take a check and come into the Urban parties for an album release or a hosting gig, or a bday party, but you will go to one of those other clubs filled with "other" motherfuckas and blow 5 stacks, because that's what they want and expect you to do. I guess you forgot when you were not that big, when you used to have us supply your asses with comp bottles. Come show love to those who showed you love before you were Millionaires!

I'm tired of hearing those parties are "hood!" Allegedly, that's where ya'll all came from and rap sooooo proudly about it. I understand when you get out your life changes, but you are not supposed to change! I dont expect people to do things they are not comfortable doing, but I do expect people to not be hypocritical at the same time. Some if not most people don't like Urban because its usually synonymous with hood, (I am actually one of them) I understand not everyone likes a party that's too overcrowded with motherfuckas in fitted hats and Jeans 3x their size fallin' off their ass, most people don't like chicks with Conway dresses and cheap ass shoes! That's understandable, Urban should not have to be defined as hood, but unfortunately it is!!! Just because you have a party with predominantly black people does not mean that the party will get you on the news or that you will be bored or be disgusted or can't find some good eye candy, or see someone from the "Industry" to kick it with or have a good time in a club. The sad part is, you guys (big time artists) are the ones responsible for the destruction of NYC Urban Nightlife. You are the top of the food chain, so your minions follow you where you go, the interns/disciples then follow them, and then the women just follow where the cool/Industry guys are going to be (since all these chicks are models/Artist,Stylist/Publicist now anyway), so obviously they go where the money and cool people go. So what is left? No Artist? No Executives? No "cool guys", No money men, no bad chicks, no "cool people"? So we are left with the hustlers and the young chicks, and the generics. Everyone is too cool now to hang out at an "urban party", I understand that most of you are not 20 something anymore, so you have no reason to "hang out" with 20 year olds just happy to be in a club, but why is it that you can't lend your name or your presence to support those youngins who start the trends or the old school urban promoters who helped your name resonate in the streets. Why is it that your have abandoned the older generation of promoters who actually have the late 20's into 30's good negro clientele.

No one is beggin for friends or handouts, I just want ya'll to check yourself on who you are calling friends and giving handouts! Please don't get it fucked up either, I'm neither jealous or bitter because I can walk into Marquee, Mansion, Tenjune, Goldbar with as much ease as the next guy (with a quick call or head nod to the doorman or woman), I just want to know why I have to go to Atlanta, Houston, or Miami to see you in a party classified as Urban. When I see you in NY, the party sure isn't classified as URBAN! NYC Urban nightlife scene is definitely not DEAD, because all the people still come here, we still have tons of beautiful women, we still have some of the coolest and wealthiest people in the world, and we still have the hottest DJ's. There is a demographic of the lost partiers out there, that are tired of the same BS, tired of the same guys, tired of the same women in the same outfits (shouts to Elle Q for calling them out) tired of partying with kids, we just want to hang out with like minded cool people, network, hang out, shake a tailfeather, and be around people who are about something and love having fun. Where do they go?? They have problems gettin into Tenjune, they have problems gettin into Eldridge, they have problems gettin into 1oak, why cant you hang out with them?? I agree that it starts with the promoters but we have to be backed by the artist, and then the patrons will follow! We need NYC nightlife to come back to its once prominence, we don't need NYC to be the city no one wants to party, it is and should always be the FIRST place people want to come party! We are more more than 8million people deep in this city, so trust me we should be able to put something together and figure it out! I MISS NEW YORK!!!!

2 Retort(s):

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I concur, I concur, I concur.

I think it's a shame when we "make it" and forget where we came from, for if it wasn't for various people you wouldn't be where you are today.

About Atlanta, this city is mostly Black, so to have a party that isn't "urban" would be stupid b/c no one would come. The Blacks make Atlanta what it is. Come to think about it, I haven't been to a party with celebrities that didn't have mostly Black people. Down here, we have our own society, clubs, schools...you name it, Black people in Atlanta have it.

BTW, nice blog :)

Vegas International said...

I agree that ATL is a city where the black people kinda run things. Fortunately and unfortunately, ATL is the epicenter of Hip Hop so it makes sense that all the hip hop heads party there; but NY is where it began, and is Home of Hip Hop and many of its largest artist.

Not for nothing we have prob 3x as many black people as ATL -- WE NEED BETTER NIGHTLIFE, i dont want to have to go to Atlanta to see my favorite artist in an "URBAN" party.