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Saturday, November 8, 2008


Is it true that if you really love someone you would die for them?? Is that a real fact or is that something people say to make the situation seem more intense that it actually is. Why do you love someone? If you love that person does that mean that hopefully your love is reciprocated?? If it is reciprocated don't you think by your definition of love that this person would die or kill for you too?? So what makes you believe they want you to die? Now, if the person you would die for would not die for you, does this make you a fool for jumping off the bridge yourself with nothing to show for it except the belief that your death is going to bring the other person happiness. Does that not seem moronic to anyone else except me? If me dying makes you happy or a better person, shouldn't i be rethinking who or why I'm dying for you??

Ok, Lets examine this die for Love. Who would you die for? Your parent? Your child? Your spouse? Your lover? Could it be that your are telling me that i don't know real love because i can not see the point in dying for people? Does this make me calis? Does this make me heartless? Does this make me a bad person, or someone who does not really love? OK, Parent -- Why would you die for a parent? Have they not lived full lives? Do they not have memories of their good ol years, do they not want to see their kids grow up to be strong successful citizens. Its been said that kids should bury their parents not parents bury their kids. You as a parent with grand kids or maybe just kids, would you not want your child to grow continue living their life? Now, if the shoe was on the other foot, how would you explain that? As a parent would you die for your kid? If the child is young and so are you, would that not mean that you have many more years to live, and much more to give to society and your family. Losing a child is difficult (i can only assume, i have never lost one), but if that child grows up without a parent is that not worst?? If that child has to grow up knowing that I'm alive b/c mommy or daddy is dead, does that not do immeasurable damage to a child's psyche? Yes, children should berry there parents, but shouldn't that parents get a chance to live! Is the child better off without a mom or dad? Is the child going to be what you want them to be without you being there to raise them and mold them? Will the child know what you sacrificed for them, and if they do, does that hurt harm or help them? Is it not better to let one go early, and try again? Does it mean you don't love your child if you choose your life over there's? Some people say how can you say these things or you will never know the love a parent has for a child until you have one. I say to that, if having a child was a guaranteed way to know how to love, then many of our kids wouldn't be as messed up as they are. I have friends that work is the court system and in JHS and HS's and the things i hear some of these parents do to their kids is unimaginable. If having a kids shows me how to love, then why am i a better parent and care more for some of these kids that i see for 20 minutes more than their parents who "raise" them, if you can call watching someone grow up and not influencing their lives in a positive manner "raising"!

Family is one thing, what about someone who is not family by blood, but family by law or just that fact that you are sleeping with this person? If you love someone so much that you would die for them, what does that make you? Does it make you "IN LOVE" or does it make you "DELUSIONAL?" Some of the same questions relate with parent and child. Would you be happier knowing that i died for you? Could your life be really happy or fulfilled knowing that you are alive simply because I'm dead? If me laying my life down for you shows you that i love you, what does you not laying your life down show me? Does it mean that i think you are a better human being than me so that's why you gave your life for mine? Why does it mean i don't really love you if i wouldn't give my life or even jeopardize my life for you? If those were the cards you were dealt in life, why is it my burden to change the path your life has taken? Does me giving my life for you guarantee anything in the name of our love or that you will even remember or honor me in my passing? What does laying my life down do for our relationship? Does it make you stop living your life to the fullest because you know i gave mines up for you, or does it make you continue living and loving with others, and if that is the case why would i not want that for myself?? I want to live and love, why do i have to give up my life so you can live and love to show that i actually loved?? I feel that is absolutely absurd!! I feel like you should always love yourself, and appreciate that love that surrounds you if you are lucky enough to be surrounded by it, but i caution you on believing that ultimate sacrifices are the true test of love. I do believe that sacrifices must be made to show good faith and to build any loving relationship, but there is a line that needs to be drawn when you are saying one life is more important that another. If it was and is your time, its fate that has already been chosen for you. I'm not here to say don't try to save someone or don't lend a helping hand, but also don't mistake sacrifice with love and don't think that love might kill you, because if it does, who really wants love??

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PM said...

This is a mutifaceted blog ... Very interesting. Personally, I don't think many people live out this adage ... It's much easier said than done. I think people say it to show their mate or whoever it may be how deep their love is. But if your mate came up and said "Well, then prove it." Would you really kill yourself? Like you said, what's next? Does this person move on? I wouldn't kill myself for anyone or ask that anyone do so for me. I don't need to take an ultimate sacrifice to prove to you the lengths of my love, nor do you. The only situation I can see myself doing something of that nature is if my child was in need of some form of medical care that required me to do so. Yeah, you're right, growing up without a parent can downright damage a child's psyche, but if she needed me and this is all I could do to "save" her, then I'd do it.

CXXVII said...

I would die for my siblings...

A-bli, a-bli, a-bli
That all folk!

Anonymous said...

love does kill. simple as that.