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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I hope I don't offend many readers (but if I do, so be it, that means I'm probably talking about you) but I'm fucking tired of this "as black ppl we are obligated to behave better or act different for Obama!" Just because he is President does not motivate me to be a better person or go out and do something productive with my life. If you were waiting on black president to be a useful fucking citizen, then you never really intended on being one! The unfathomable happened on Nov. 4th, and if you thought this was sooo possible in your immediate future you wouldn't be this fucking excited you fucking losers!! So enough with the us black ppl have an obligation to Obama to better ourselves and make changes in our lives bullshyt! As proud as I am of the young homie for being president, I don't owe that motherfucka shyt! Obama doesn't define me nor do I have an obligation to the black race to do anything different in my life because our President is black.

I wasn't waiting on Obama to be a better person, I grew up always wanting change and always trying to better myself. If you were a loser before Obama got into office you will be a loser while he is in office! You think Obama was waiting on a black president to motivate himself? No! Obama in the White House does not change my life a whole lot, maybe I can get some better Health care, maybe I can gas up the truck for under 300 per week, maybe i can have a story for my grand kids about the historic inauguration i attended, but that's really about it. 95% of my life is going to remain the same, so please you annoying waste of sperm motherfuckas, STFU and get a fucking life!

(as a black person) Obama being president should make you proud and give your kids something to aspire towards, but because he is president does not mean that I'm gonna get a cab any easier in nYc, does not mean that white lady isn't going to tug at her purse when she walks by me in the street, and surely does not mean that I'm going to get a job any faster over Bill, Bob, or even Beth.

I owe it to myself to be a productive and useful citizen, not Obama, and definitely not black people! So if you're talking that we as a people need to be better for Obama, you're a fuckin poser, you prob didn't vote in the primaries, or any prior elections, get a fuckin life LOSERS!!!!


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CXXVII said...

Wow friend you really are bitter...whatever the reason I'm glad people are motivated in ways they haven't been in the pass...if I had a cookie I'd give it to you for voting in 3 elections. I've voted in 2...I haven't picked a party so I don't get to vote in the primaries...stay motivated, productive and useful everyone!

I'm done with jury duty!!!!

Peggy M. said...

Damn! You sound soooo livid, lol.

I do get your point to an extent. A lot of people are now trying to make changes but maybe they needed some "hope", lol. I know you don't have any mercy for people but you have to understand that some people don't have that innate ambition and need the extra push to motivate themselves -- whether it's from a parent, , a child, a friend, an enemy or a Black President, they need to see someone do something or hear someone say something to get that drive that may come natural to some of us.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I understand what you're saying, then again I see the point others are saying. True, you shouldn't wait for a moment like this to make a change in your life...your life is yours, and you own it, therefor you should control it, not others.

However, Obama being president of the USA is a very important moment in history...seriously, we are all living in history...when our children and grandchildren read about this in history books, we can actually say, "I was there when it happened." Some people never thought this would happen, and since it has, it has made them view life differently. When you've been encumbered with the notion that you can't achieve because of the color of your skin, you look at life differently...especially being an American...you never really feel accepted as an American...just a black person living in America. Now, blacks see they can be part of a change, and feel accepted by a country that has for so long treated them like a stepchild or an "unwanted baby" (yea, I'm still talking about your old post). Due to this new, wonderful ideology, black people feel like they need to step their games up...if it takes Obama to do that, so be it, for you have to start from somewhere.

LEXI said...

I see someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning...listen Vegas you gotta tell them to stay on there side! Geesh!!

love you

but i agree with you!

Vegas International said...

CXXVII -- Well find it, i want my coockies!

atleast you voted in two, you're a lil younger than i, so ill give you a pass!

Vegas International said...

"people dont have that innate ambition and need an extra push to motivate themselves?"

Its fine if other people push you to do better, but thats not my argument! Im saying, if you need someone else to do something for you to be a productive person in life, then you wont be a productive person in life b/c thats not what you really want. You have a temp. fix with this Obama shyt, but that too will fade away, and you will be right back to wasting your life after your first or second dissaointment. people like that just make excuses as to why their life doesnt work out, its always someone else's fault why things dont work out!

Vegas International said...

B.C.U -- I agree with you all the way till you said..

"it has made them view life differently"

I personally dont understand that myself. Maybe i just need someone to explain this to me. Why do you have a different view on life? Did you once think that black people couldnt amount to anything? Did you think black people were oppressed? Did you think their was a conspiracty to keep you down? I dont understand the different view on life. If you thought all of that and then we had a black president, i would be even more skeptical, b/c i would just think they are settin the black man up to fail. We are in some of the worst stages in our economy and now we have a black president, that looks like a setup to me! I would think it would make you more skeptical and pissed off at "the man" lol

..."unwanted baby" lol
I would still feel like the unwanted baby, you didnt want me when times were good. Now that times are shyty, you come to me so i can either rise up and fix the problem you started, then give it back to the kid you did like; or fail miserably so you can say ... "i knew you were never gonna amount to anything anyway!"

Im not motivated by this .. maybe thats just me! What im motivated by is the fact that i want more and have always wanted more! Im a greedy mothafhuka!! lol

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Sad to say, but there are people, black people, who felt that way...life was unfair, blacks couldn't achieve certain things...its a reality that is sad, yet a reality. Now for them, they see things differently.

*God's Gift* said...

been meaning to respond to this for a lil while so...

omg...talk about reading minds. if my blog wasnt exclusively for relationship topics...this would have been a blog of mine (might even have been worded the EXACT same way lol)

but yeah, im tired of the "random inspiration" to do better bc Lord knows we should have been doing that...and not just black people...everyone. maybe if everyone was this motivated to do all these things before, we would have had a black prez a tad bit earlier bc people wouldnt think blacks were ummm...lazy, unmotivated and useless...

just my opinion though. cuz if i hear one more "now that we have a black president these young black men need to pull their pants up and stop using slang" im gonna scream!!! only black person im worried about being motivated..

is me. i cant be worried about every black person now that Obama is in office. he damn sure aint worried about it calling himself a mutt on national television. i mean rappers have pretty much ruined every chance of him going into office in a sophisticated way thinking they were helping by saying "vote for the first black president" instead of just...vote for someone who isnt a damn republican so people can stop robbing (shouts to the Waldorf blog lol) and start living semi-comfortably again.

i've voted twice thus far :-)

André C. Coley said...

Dude! I feel you on your blog, but it sounds a bit resentful, as though you didn't want to see Obama take the presidency. I agree that many people have been laying around for years making excuses about the man is holding me back and the man is stopping me from doing this or that, and we may never change those individuals. However, there is nothing wrong with having a figure such as a Black President breath new life into the Black community.

In fact, Obama's recent victory is not unlike the days on when Martin Luther King, Jr. rounded up one million men and women and marched on the steps of Washington, DC. It's not unlike the iconic speeches of Malcolm X to encourage the youth to stand up for what they believe. To scold your community for having renewed faith in the system of politics or the United States of America, is the denounce those great figures who fought for our freedoms and our rights for equality.

Furthermore, I don't think anyone is trying to "teach an old dog new tricks", so to speak, but we have an opportunity to create a new world order and shows these white people that we can run this country just as well as they can. It's not just the president that runs the country, it's the people who voted him in, the community and the country as a whole the become involved in this process. White people have done this for years and that's why they've been the controlling mass for so long. They know how to work the system and make it work for themselves. We "as people" need to learn this system and get it to work for us. It's part of our freedoms, it's part of our rights and part of being a community.

Overall, I think you made some decent points, but I believe it may have been a bit misdirected. Let's continue the discourse and maybe we can all reach a common ground!

Vegas International said...

Andre - Thanks for the comment, but let me explain something to you.

1) There is a difference between bitter and aggrivated or even annoyed. I was very annoyed at the time of this blog, i have no reason to be bitter, i wasnt running for President and i voted for the Obama.

2)I never once said there was anything wrong with "having a figure such as a Black President breath new life into the Black community" - I actually said its good for our kids and grandkids to see and have something to aspire to, but its not going to change my life and how i behave. Him being President does not mean black people should now all of a sudden act different and will get some kind of better treatment, b/c we wont.

3) "to scold your community for having renewed faith in the system of politics or the United States of America" I never once said that black people shouldnt be happy or be proud, i actually said we should, but you seem to just be ranting on something that i never said. Im not scolding any community, I am scholding the people who feel like black people should now all of a sudden be different people and have some form of self worth now that a black man is president. I have had self worth since Reagan was president. So if you feel like Obama being president now will make you want to do something productive with your life, i think you are a loser. You mean to tell me if you never saw a black president in your life, then you would be content blaming everyone around you for your problems, and never do anything productive with your life? YOU ARE A LOSER!!!! Thats who im scolding!

4) "but we have an opportunity to create a new world order and shows these white people that we can run this country just as well as they can"
Dre, you are going off on some tangent that has nothing to do with what im saying. You just wrote your own blog in reply to my blog that has nothing to do with t what im talking about.

5) " think you made some decent points, but I believe it may have been a bit misdirected"
Actually, i made great points and im not misdirected in anything, you are misdirected in your response to me. You are talkin about shyt im not talking about at all whats so ever. Re Read the entire blog and tell me where is said any of the things you are talkin about.

André C. Coley said...


Dude, you're right and I should apologize. I believe I did go off on a tangent with respect to your blog. And I also appreciate your interpretation of the issue and agree with your take on the "losers".

I think I used the wrong terminology in referring to certain aspects of the blog, but like you, I wasn't necessarily placing aim at you, just the people in which your context was describing. In fact, after reading your response, I realized that you plotted and executed your argument very well. Certain words may have resonated a little strong with me and thus brought out my passion on the topic.

Anyway my dude, I appreciate your blog. I'll be looking forward to your future topics. Let's GO!!!