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Tuesday, November 8, 2011



This was a question that i posed to my twitches (@MrVegasNYC) my Facebitches (Senor Vegas) and my BBM (not giving you my pin)

There were different responses to the question. Some say there is no difference b/t Dating and Going out, some say there is a slight difference, and others say there is a significant difference.

This Blog is to ask you what is your definition of a date and what is your definition of gone out. I will share my definition with you. Be clear, i have not blogged in a while, but my words are still as crass and as blunt as ever, so read with an open or closed mind. IDGAF ... just know i speak the Truth, as i see it.

MY DISTINCTION: 'Going out' is a formality women take to not fuck you for free ... I dnt consider that 'dating' - Dating is something you do to build something with someone you like for more than fuckin. Women Go Out w/ niggas they have no intention of fucking, niggas dont go out w/ chicks they dont want to fuck. However, both sexes date people to get to know them with hopes they will like them and it will lead to something else, not necessarily or specifically SEX.

That is MY take .. What is Yours?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Cafe de La Esquina Opens in Williamsburg

cafe de la esquina!

The signs are clear: complaints about space, tighter pants, and a fixation with handlebars (mustache or otherwise). Inevitably, Brooklyn happens.

Today, Cafe de La Esquina becomes the latest to make the jump with the opening of its Williamsburg outpost in the former Wythe Diner.

For those worried about crowds of sharp-elbowed hipster models, cool it. Imitating the exclusive Nolita original is not the intent. The front diner — a relaxed all-day cafe with booths — is where to drink (ginger beer Anocheceres, cucumber jalapeno Pepino Diablos) and order striped bass ceviche, mushroom and hominy tacos, and guisados.

In the dark-mirrored back dining room, chef Akhtar Nawab deviates from the formula with fresh, locally sourced dishes like day boat fluke ceviche with durango peppers, pickled carrots, and pink peppercorns and slow-roasted capon tamale with pumpkin seed mole, garlic, and watermelon (pictured).

The best part: A taqueria garden with alfresco seating will open soon for $10 margaritas and free sunshine.

Being selectively frugal — just another sign.

Cafe de La Esquina at Wythe Diner, 225 Wythe Avenue, between North 3rd Street and Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg (718-393-5500 or esquinabk.com).

Tuesday, August 2, 2011



Hip Hop Kung Fu
Dancing in the Streets
Tues, Aug 2 & Wed, Aug 3

Through a juxtaposition of the martial arts disciplines Shaolin Wushu Kung Fu and Tai Chi and hip-hop dance styles such as krumping, vogueing, waacking, locking and freestyle, dancer Buddha Stretch and his crew show the reciprocal influences of Asian culture and hip-hop. Tuesday’s event is an open dress rehearsal and conversation with the artists at Casita Maria in the Bronx. Wednesday’s event is the world premiere performance, plus a question-and-answer session, at the Asia Society in Manhattan. Both shows are free.

Click for more information about Hip Hop Kung Fu
Valerie "Ms. Vee" Ho.
Photo: Linda Gunther

Public Theater
Wed, Aug 3–Sun, Aug 14

American Indian Artists (AMERINDA) presents a play about searching. Set in a powwow in a Brooklyn high school, deals are made, souls are compromised, love blossoms, identity is sought after and redemption is found. At times laugh-out-loud funny and at times frighteningly brutal, the play highlights the absurdity of the urban Indian's dual existence.


Word for Word Author: Sapphire
Bryant Park Reading Room
Wed, Aug 3

The writer of the novel Push, which became the award-winning film Precious, talks about her sequel (The Kid) which follows the son of Claireece “Precious” Jones, as he navigates life as an orphan in New York City.

Click for more information about Word for Word Author: Sapphire

Out of Doors Festival: Malkit Singh and Dengue Fever
Damrosch Park
Thurs, Aug 4

The impassioned vocals of Indian singer Malkit Singh have earned him a Knighthood and made him an unrivaled global superstar of bhangra and Punjabi pop style. L.A.’s Dengue Fever, fronted by Cambodia-born singer Chhom Nimol, mixes 1960s psychedelia, Cambodian rock, surfy garage-pop and Afro grooves.

Click for more information about this music show
Dengue Fever.
Photo: Lauren Dukoff

SummerStage in Harlem: Henry V by William Shakespeare
Marcus Garvey Park
Fri, Aug 5 & Sat, Aug 6

The Classical Theatre of Harlem and director Jenny Bennett explore the thoughtful, funny and belligerent diplomacy of the young King Henry V. Henry's reputation as a fun-loving lad who’s lived among the common folk inspires love from commoners and disregard from his enemies. He lays claim to France, and invades the country with a “band of brothers.”

Deal of the Day

Deal of the Day: Alfama’s “Get Happy in Portuguese” Happy Hour

After a 10-year stint in the far West Village, Alfama has relocated to some new, spiffy digs in Midtown East (214 E. 52nd nr 3rd Ave). Just in time for our “Deal of the Day” word comes in that Alfama has just launched a great happy hour deal it’s calling “Get Happy in Portuguese.” GHIP will feature a daily Portuguese wine and food special - two glasses of wine (one white and one red) plus a small bite for $10 and will be offered from 5-7pm. Wines will rotate and feature different regions of Portugal and the rotating snacks will feature Portuguese specialties such as codfish cakes and shrimp turnovers, among others.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kanye and Jay-Z perform a MoMa Garden Party

Guests head to the ultimate Garden Party last night at MoMa. This year, trustees Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, Mimi Haas, Jill Kraus, and Sharon Percy Rockefeller were honored for their philanthropic endeavors with fanfare, cocktails, and a dinner which raised $4 million. The biggest part of the evening was the after-party, where Kanye West and Jay-Z took the stage to perform in front of an ecstatic crowd of 1500 which included Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Marina Abramovic, Leelee Sobieski and more!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Ive become so deaf to the noise of complaining people that i thought i really didnt pay them any attention. Well that was until a recent epiphany i had either feeling sorry for myself being sick or on the shitter, i cant recall which one.

Anyway, this quote may come off as a total "twitter cliche" or a Class A felony for the "Cliche Police" but as are most cliches they have real meaning if you pay attention and apply it accordingly. That being said, i ask this ......... "Do you rather the comfort of convenience or the challenge of Happiness."

People fight for comfortability so hard that they start to lose sight of what they really want. Our lives are littered with these decisions daily and its something we take for granted because most of us, present company included, mistake convenience for happiness.

The real tough question is do you really know what makes you happy, or are you just living a life of assumptions. People tend to not know what really makes them happy, just what we think should, or what society says would make us happy. Therein lies the problem, if you dont know what makes you happy you can not even begin to answer the question of "Comfort of Convenience or Challenge of Happiness."

What you think will make you Happy:
Own my own home w/ backyard for the kids

Where you are currently comfortable:
Renting an apt downtown BK enjoying no kids

You are comfortable downtown BK, its convenient for work, you dont have to shovel snow, and you get your apt fixed by someone else when things need to be fixed ...... ohh yea, and NO KIDS.

BUT ... something inside of you feels like you are missing something. what are you missing?? are you not being successful, are you not fulfilling or striving for you dreams.

What is it that you really want?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Tribeca Film Festival 2011: The Complete Guide To Celeb Spotting & Party Hoppin

The 10th annual Tribeca Film Festival, with founding sponsor American Express, kicked off last night! It's the perfect time for celeb spotting and of course, partying. We've put together an end-all-be-all list of the hottest after parties and events. Take a look!

The Bang Bang Club premiere after-party at La Bottega. Thursday, April 21st.

Sponsored by American Express, this event should bring out Steven Silver, Ryan Phillippe, Malin Akerman, Taylor Kitsch, Greg Marinovich and Matt Dillon.

Puncture premiere after party at 1Oak. Thursday, April 21st.

Presented by RED, the super luxe venue will house castmembers of the film Chris Evans, Jesse L. Martin, Vinessa Shaw and director of the film, Adam Kassen.

Lotus Eaters premiere after party at Liberty Hall. Thursday April 21st.

Lotus Eaters, a film about the luxurious yet self-destructive social lives of London's elite will house its afterparty at Liberty Hall. The film's cast members Amber Anderson, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Cynthia Fortune Ryan, Daisy Lewis, Jay Choi, Katrena Rochell are set to attend, along with the director of the film, Alexandra McGuiness. Glenn Close is also expected.

The Trip premiere at The Chelsea Room. Thursday, April 21st.

Presented by Heineken, the event will take place at the cozy and subterranean Chelsea Room. The comedic film features London comedians Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan.

Talihina Sky premiere afterparty at Marquee. Thursday, April 21st.

Also presented by Heineken, this event taking place at Marquee. The films subjects Kings of Leon will be in attendance, along with the film's director Stephen C. Mitchell and producer Casey McGrath.

Tribeca Drive-in: When The Drum Is Beating screening at North Cove at World Financial Center. Friday, April 22nd.

Presented by Jet Blue and Time Warner Cable, the film features 20-member Haitian band Septentrional. Featuring the band's music as a background, the documentary focuses on the country's independence from French colonialism to 2010's devastating earthquake.

Angel's Crest premiere and afterparty at 675 Bar. Friday April 22nd.

Hosted by 675 Bar, the film's premiere after party should bring out Kate Walsh, Jeremy Piven, Thomas Dekker, Mira Sorvino, Lynn Collins and director, Gaby Dellal.

The Good Doctor premiere after party at The Living Room, W Hotel Downtown. Friday, April 22nd.

Sponsored by Stolichnaya Vodka, some expected familiar faces to attend the film's afterparty are Orlando Bloom, Riley Keough, Rob Morrow, Sorel Carradine and Taraji P. Henson.

Catching Hell premiere at Cabanas at the Maritime. Saturday, April 23rd.

Presented by Time Warner Cable, the sports film highlights and explores the psychology of die-hard sports fans and the hysteria that turned Steve Bartman into the most hated man in Chicago. In attendance, Amir Bar-Lev, Nicole Lapin, Annie Sundberg and the film's director Alex Gibney.

Jesus Henry Christ premiere after party at Don Hills. Saturday, April 23rd.

The film features an endearing and genius "petri-dish" child on a quest to find his biological father, to the dismay of his single mother. The film's cast, expected to be in attendance are Jason Spevack, Samantha Weinstein, Frank Moore, Danny Moder and Mark and Mickey MacDonald. Also in attendance, actress and the film's producer Julia Roberts and director, Dennis Lee. Event presented by Stolichnaya Vodka.

Tribeca Drive-In: The Muppets Take Manhattan at North Cove

at World Financial Center. Saturday, April 23rd.

Presented by Jet Blue and Time Warner Cable, this family-fun film closes out the 3rd night in the Drive-in Series.

The Perfect Family premiere at Thom Bar. Sunday, April 24th.

Sponsored by American Express, the venue plans to house castmembers Kathleen Turner, Jason Ritter, Angelique Cabral, Rebecca Wackler, Richard Chamberlain, Sharon Lawrence and director Anne Renton.

God Bless Ozzy Osbourne premiere at Anchor Bar. Sunday, April 24th.

Soho's Anchor Bar will house the whole Osbourne family for a night. Celebrating the film's subject, Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, Aimee Osbourne will be in attendance. As well as the film's producer, Jack Osbourne and directors Mike Fleiss and Mike Piscitelli. Event sponsored by American Express.

Chanel Artist Dinner at Odeon. Monday, April 25th.

Last year's Chanel Artist Dinner was packed with stars, actors, socialites, entertainment and fashion figures. Each year, a group of acclaimed artists contribute special pieces for the Festival. They are exhibited before serving as awards for 10 winning filmmakers. Take a look at last year's event to get a feel.

Last Night premiere at Avenue. Monday, April 25th.

The film's cast members Eva Mendes and Griffin Dunne should be in attendence, along with director Massy Tadjedin. Event held at Chelsea hotspot Avenue and sponsored by American Express.

Detachment premiere after party at 675 Bar. Monday, April 25th.

Hosted by 675 Bar, the film about a stoic substitute teacher plaqued with struggles at a failing school within a failing school system. Guest should expect to see Adrien Brody, Blythe Danner and the film's director Tony Kaye in attendance.

Love Hate Love premiere at Tenjune. Tuesday, April 26th.

Meatpacking district's Tenjune will house the premiere after party for Love Hate Love. In attendance will be Liz and Steve Alderman, Esther Hyman, Ben Tullipan, Jack Grandcolas, the film's producer Sean Penn and directors Dana Nachman and Don Hardy. Presented by Stolichnaya Vodka.

L'Amour Fou premiere after party at Le Bain. Tuesday, April 26th.

L'Amour Fou, a film about great fashion legend Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé. The documentary features Bergé's difficult decision to sell off their immense collection of precious art and more told by Yves' partner in fashion, business and life. Sponsored byPersol.

TFF's Shorts Filmmaker Party at Avenue. Tuesday, April 26th.

Presented by BING, this year's Shorts Filmmaker Party takes place at Chelsea's Avenue. Rachel Bilson and Karl Lagerfeld are amonst the list of TFF Shorts producers and are scheduled to attend. Tunes will be spinning courtesy of Samantha Ronson.

Everything Must Go premiere afterparty at Macao. Wednesday, April 27th.

Presented by American Express, the film tells the tale of Nicolas Halsey, who, after losing his job and his wife in the same day, moves all his possessions and himself, to his front yard. The film's star, Will Ferrell and director Dan Rush should be in attendance at Macao.

Janie Jones premiere after party at Marquee. Friday, April 29th.

Presented by American Express, the event should bring out the film's stars Abigail Breslin and Alessandro Nivola. Breslin and Nivola are also scheduled for a special performance.

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy premiere after party at Liberty Hall. Friday, April 29th.

Taking place at Liberty Hall, the event is likely to bring out familiar TV faces Nick Kroll, Will Forte, Tyler Labine, Leslie Bibb, Lindsay Sloane, Lucy Punch and its directors, Peter Huyck and Alex Gregory. Sponsored by Stolichnaya Vodka.

Newlyweds premiere after party at M1-5. Saturday, April 30th.

Presented by Heineken, the film about a newly wedded couple whose honeymoon period is suspended by the arrival of the husband's wild-child baby sister and the crumbling marriage of the wife's meddlesome sister. This event is scheduled to take place at Tribeca hot-spot M1-5.

TFF Wrap Party at Eye Beam. Saturday, April 30th.

Sponsored by Heineken, this year's wrap party brings the 10th annual TFF to a grand close at Eyebeam.

Please note that all events and parties are RSVP only.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @guestofaguest, our winner of the American Express passes to TFF@weetimothy, and our own @MaraSiegler.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lupe Concert April 25th in Roseland Ballroom

A fashionable philanthropist. A chess club-alum who thrived on Chicago’s South Side. A rapper who quotes Nietzsche. If you’re wondering what these three people have in common, think again: they’re all Lupe Fiasco

See this eccentric, captivating performer take to the Roseland Ballroom stage on April 25 as he performs selections from his newest album, “Lasers"

Exclusive Five-Course Tasting Menu Prepared by Marc Forgione for $250

Marc Forgione is culinary royalty—and you're invited to his Tribeca kingdom for a feast that you'll talk about for days. Also for you on this Monday morning: an invitation to pose for the renowned Brad Walsh. Language classes that'll have you impressing everybody you know. And a killer workout that'll have you hitting the beach with a bam!

Here's to good living,

PRICE: $250

• Cocktail reception & hors d'oeuvres at the chef's communal table from 7 - 8 pm
• 5-Course tasting menu by prepared by Marc Forgione
• Meet-and-greet with Marc Forgione at chef's table
• Beverage pairing by sommelier Matthew Conway

Inquire for info

Sunday, April 17, 2011



The sexy-romantic atmosphere here is the ultimate downtown scene. The dining room is impeccably decorated with a glistening pool with floating candles as the centerpiece with acccents of luminous bottled orchids. This is Asian-inspired tranquillity at its best.
The professional, efficient and friendly waiters will take excellent care of you. Cocktails are just amazingand it’s no surprise that the food is delicious as well. You’ll want to make repeat visits so that you can try everything on the menu.


The fumed oak tables, amuse-l’oeil patterned carpeting, comforting white leather banquettes, graciously cantilevered lamps and black resin bar with matching leather stools are artfully poised within the U-shaped space, all custom-conceived by Thomas Juul-Hansen, an erstwhile associate of the Pritzger Prize-winning architect Richard Meier, who designed the glass tower above the restaurant. A sheer mesh over the floor-to-ceiling windows softens incoming sunlight without in the least impeding views of the shimmering Hudson River.


Not to be outdone by neighboring Nero d’Avola, Paradou has more recently introduced its own version of a boozy brunch free-for-all: A $29 unlimited Champagne cocktail brunch, which includes your choice of one entrée.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


As most of you know from my previous blogs and my twitter, I'm pretty straight forward, and I like to ask questions that make people think. So today my question is: Why are you women acting like you don't know men want to fuck first, and get to know you second?

We're all grown here correct?? Good, because I'm looking for grown folk conversations.

I don't mind being cool with you, but I don't want to jeopardize my willingness to have sex with you just by talking to you too much. Sex is relations, not a relationship. "
Just because we had sex doesn't make us friends" -@HarryPowda. Honestly, if I decide I don't want to fuck anymore, chances are, we wont be that cool any damn way. It's not a matter of fucking everybody, it's a matter of knowing and acknowledging why we're here.

Women know men really just want to to fuck, STOP IT!! Yes, you do! If you want to accept it or not that is your business, but you damn well know that is the situation. Any relationship can get past fucking and into something else, but it starts with fucking. Why are you all so uptight about that?? If I dont want to fuck you, how the hell can you expect me to want to hang out with you and even be with you long term? WTDT@??

Say Goodbye to CV

Mathew Isaacs and his crew are leaving CV, the club at the Rivington Hotel and Steve Lewis would like to use the opportunity to tear the place apart with a sharp, but completely honest lashing:

" The Matt Isaacs crew took over the flailing 105 space, just off the lobby, and launched it in November 2009. They have been successful."

The space will be transformed into a tequila bar.

More places to Drink in Meatpacking

Friends of the High Line won support Tuesday night for its plan to launch beer and wine service this summer. Hurrah! But the Community Board, being the Community Board and therefore required to act like your cranky grandpa woken up from his nap, has some concerns. Booze will be served above the Chelsea Market and at the northern end of a second section of the park that's due to open in late spring and serves 350 people--otherwise known as far too many.

"I think it's a great amenity, but it's going to get away from you," said committee co-chair Lisa Daglian, raising the specter of a beer garden-like atmosphere emerging.

Pretzels and wenches?

Nope. Founder Joshua David and Director of Food Melina Shannon-DiPietro talked about forging a family-friendly environment with art installations, films and activities including roller-skating and salsa classes. They are also working with the neighborhood in other ways pretty much ensuring you some enjoyable summer days spent sipping in the city's elevated park.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Eataly is opening a rooftop brewery, The Standard's beer garden is perpetually packed, the Bohemian National Hall is set to open and the South Street Seaports Water Taxi Beach is soon to become a beer hall. New Yorkers can't get enough, but why? Crain's thinks it the recession...or craft beers.

"Some New Yorkers may be drawn to suds over other drinks these days because of the recession. A pint costs about $7, compared with $10 or more for a glass of wine, or $12 and up for specialty cocktails. Beer experts say the bigger reason for the growing popularity of the beverage, along with that of the European-style gardens that serve it, is the rise of craft beers. Last year, the nation's craft brewers—defined as small breweries that are independently owned—sold 12% more beer to bars and restaurants."


Between Lavo, the Lamb's Club, and now Paramount Bar, midtown is actually hot. The latest offers up classic cocktails on 46th Street and features crystal chandeliers, velvet, and female empowerment in the form of a series of all-women Djs.


Sean Hughes, dude who would like you to think he is a model, bought the Eldridge last month from Matt Levine for some $300k. He plans to open it next month with the new name, EastBridge. The space has been gutted and they have added new furnishings with the

"hope to create a more 'relaxed' neighborhood atmosphere that isn’t obnoxiously exclusive. Drinks will be modestly priced, but there won’t be a tap; nor any velvet ropes."

Ohh you Artsy huh???

Grey Art Gallery—New York University

This is the first major exhibition of Storrs’ sculpture in over 25 years and focuses on his most innovative phase, the elegant abstractions of New York skyscrapers produced during the 1920s, which anticipated the Minimalist movement that surfaced 40 years later.

This exhibit presents approximately 40 works by one of the foremost sculptors to emerge in the early 20th century. Situated at the forefront of the American avant-garde, Storrs (1885–1956) reinvigorated what had become primarily an academic medium with a dynamism and radicality previously unknown in the United States. Machine-Age Modernist is the first major exhibition of Storrs’s sculpture in over 25 years and focuses on his most innovative phase, the elegant abstractions of New York skyscrapers produced during the 1920s. In its use of a lean, austere language of primary forms, Storrs’s work of this period anticipated the Minimalist movement that surfaced forty years later

John Storrs: Machine-Age Modernist
Grey Art Gallery—New York University
Starts today, Tues, April 12

100 Washington Square East
(between Waverly and Washington Places)
New York, NY 10003
Tel: (212) 998-6780
$3.00 general.
Suggested donation
Free for NYU students, faculty and staff


Tues, April 12, 2011 – Sat, July 9, 2011


Tues, Thurs, Fri: 11 am – 6 pm
Wed: 11 am – 8 pm
Sat: 11 am – 5 pm

Monday, April 11, 2011


i want to talk about what i did this weekend .....

but i dont really feel like writing about it or giving you the rundown ...



Met a few WINNERS on Saturday, no pics pls ....

Then had a good Sunday Brunch here.

then ended it at Juliet and saw the homie Jay-Z, have not seen him in about a Year.

Put your hands on me again....

Deal of the Day:

$29 for a 60 Minute Massage Performed By a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) at NYC Corrective Chiropractic Care ($280 Value)

NYC Corrective Chiropractic Care
280 Madison Avenue, Suite 1211
New York, NY 10016

Expires on 12-Apr-2012.
Buy up to 1 voucher for yourself and unlimited as gifts. Limit 1 voucher for personal use. By appointment only, please call 212.399.1001 or 212.683.2122 for bookings. Package includes a 60 minute LMT massage and a chiropractic consultation. Not valid with other offers. No cash back or credit. Not valid for tax and gratuities. Cannot be redeemed before Tuesday, April 12, 2011.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


CASA LEVER (Lever House)
390 Park Ave
New York, 10022
(212) 888-2700

Casa Lever, the restaurant, is on Park Avenue at 53rd Street, within the landmarked Lever House, New York City’s first curtain-wall skyscraper, later imitated in Paris and Berlin. A gracious Isamu Noguchi sculpture garden is situated within the Lever House courtyard. The restaurant interior, meanwhile, beckons with opulent, 1960s retro-chic. Andy Warhol prints of Dennis Hopper, Giorgio Armani, Jerry Hall, Sly Stallone and Alfred Hitchcock enliven the space.

120 Essex Street
(@ Rivington Street)

The menu is extensive, and almost half of the options include a tacked on surcharge (which is understandable). We lovepotato pancakes, but the spinach-shitake-black bean hash that accompanies them just doesn’t work. Fortunately, the sautéed apples and honey cream sauce do work, and help to offset the dryness of the pancakes. We suggest The Essex Cubano with tostones and salsa, or for the very hungover, The Southern – biscuits, sausage, patties and eggs with sausage gravy.

524 Court St.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Toast to the Children Annual Gala

Children of Bellevue’s 15th Annual “Toast to the Children” hosted by Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio

You know we have a soft spot for great food and wine events that support great causes. Well, here’s another one that we’re happy to share with you. On Tuesday, May 10, Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio is hosting Children of Bellevue’s 15th Annual “Toast to the Children”. It promises to be an evening of great food and wine featuring 15 of New York City’s top restaurants and 13 fantastic wine purveyors. The event is taking place at Colicchio’s Riverpark (450 E. 29th Street at First Avenue) and begins at 7:30pm for general ticket holders. This annual gala raises money for the pediatric programs at Bellevue Hospital. Tickets are $450 for a Patron ticket, which grants admission to a VIP reception and access to the VIP area, which will showcase exclusive restaurants and wineries, and $250 for a general admission ticket. A portion of the ticket price is tax-deductible; all proceeds go directly to the pediatric programs that serve the children and families at Bellevue Hospital Center. You can expect to sample signature dishes from some of New York’s best restaurants (Barbuto, Blue Smoke, Colicchio & Sons, craftbar, Frankies, Hearth & more), taste terrific wines and mingle with celebrity chefs and fellow foodies.

Vegas Approved ....

Stella Manhattan Bistro

Welcoming guests with chic decor, impeccable service, and a globally-inspired menu of simply elegant cuisine, Stella Manhattan Bistro is a true neighborhood gem. From maple butter topped pancakes served with Nutella and fresh bananas to savory grilled skirt steak with chimichurri sauce, Stella’s artfully prepared cuisine entices even the most discerning palates

  • 213 Front St
    New York, NY 10038
  • Between Beekman St & Peck Slip
  • (212) 233-2417
  • www.stellanyc.com


Cathie Black Out as NYC Schools Chancellor After Just 3 Months& 3DAYS

After a tumultuous three months in office as schools chancellor, Cathie Black has been pushed out by Mayor Bloomberg, who initially championed her appointment.
Cathleen P. Black, a magazine executive with no educational experience who was named New York City schools chancellor last fall, stepped down Thursday, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced

Ms. Black will be replaced by Deputy Mayor Dennis M. Walcott, who has long aided the mayor in educational matters, Mr. Bloomberg announced at the news conference, at 11:30 a.m. at City Hall.

“I take full responsibility for the fact that this has not worked out as either of us had hoped or expected,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “But now it’s time to look forward, not back.”

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wine of the Week

2006 Follies Touriga Nacional

Bairrada, Portugal

The Aveleda family of northern Portugal has been well-known for their advanced grape growing methods as early as the mid-nineteenth century. Excluding fortified wines like port, their family-owned company is now considered one of the three most significant wineries in Portugal. In 1998, they decided to embark on a new challenge, producing a world-class red wine from a new region. On the nose, the wine offers an inviting blend of dark fruit including black currant and blackberry mingled with chocolate, tobacco and oak. A full-bodied, yet surprisingly elegant wine for the price, its up-front berry flavors are balanced by earthy, spicy notes at the back of the palate. Try it with an herb-roasted lamb shank, beef or wild boar ragout or a plate of aged, hard cheeses, figs and almonds.

Rating: 14.5/20