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Thursday, April 14, 2011


As most of you know from my previous blogs and my twitter, I'm pretty straight forward, and I like to ask questions that make people think. So today my question is: Why are you women acting like you don't know men want to fuck first, and get to know you second?

We're all grown here correct?? Good, because I'm looking for grown folk conversations.

I don't mind being cool with you, but I don't want to jeopardize my willingness to have sex with you just by talking to you too much. Sex is relations, not a relationship. "
Just because we had sex doesn't make us friends" -@HarryPowda. Honestly, if I decide I don't want to fuck anymore, chances are, we wont be that cool any damn way. It's not a matter of fucking everybody, it's a matter of knowing and acknowledging why we're here.

Women know men really just want to to fuck, STOP IT!! Yes, you do! If you want to accept it or not that is your business, but you damn well know that is the situation. Any relationship can get past fucking and into something else, but it starts with fucking. Why are you all so uptight about that?? If I dont want to fuck you, how the hell can you expect me to want to hang out with you and even be with you long term? WTDT@??

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