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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Eataly is opening a rooftop brewery, The Standard's beer garden is perpetually packed, the Bohemian National Hall is set to open and the South Street Seaports Water Taxi Beach is soon to become a beer hall. New Yorkers can't get enough, but why? Crain's thinks it the recession...or craft beers.

"Some New Yorkers may be drawn to suds over other drinks these days because of the recession. A pint costs about $7, compared with $10 or more for a glass of wine, or $12 and up for specialty cocktails. Beer experts say the bigger reason for the growing popularity of the beverage, along with that of the European-style gardens that serve it, is the rise of craft beers. Last year, the nation's craft brewers—defined as small breweries that are independently owned—sold 12% more beer to bars and restaurants."

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