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Friday, April 22, 2011


Ive become so deaf to the noise of complaining people that i thought i really didnt pay them any attention. Well that was until a recent epiphany i had either feeling sorry for myself being sick or on the shitter, i cant recall which one.

Anyway, this quote may come off as a total "twitter cliche" or a Class A felony for the "Cliche Police" but as are most cliches they have real meaning if you pay attention and apply it accordingly. That being said, i ask this ......... "Do you rather the comfort of convenience or the challenge of Happiness."

People fight for comfortability so hard that they start to lose sight of what they really want. Our lives are littered with these decisions daily and its something we take for granted because most of us, present company included, mistake convenience for happiness.

The real tough question is do you really know what makes you happy, or are you just living a life of assumptions. People tend to not know what really makes them happy, just what we think should, or what society says would make us happy. Therein lies the problem, if you dont know what makes you happy you can not even begin to answer the question of "Comfort of Convenience or Challenge of Happiness."

What you think will make you Happy:
Own my own home w/ backyard for the kids

Where you are currently comfortable:
Renting an apt downtown BK enjoying no kids

You are comfortable downtown BK, its convenient for work, you dont have to shovel snow, and you get your apt fixed by someone else when things need to be fixed ...... ohh yea, and NO KIDS.

BUT ... something inside of you feels like you are missing something. what are you missing?? are you not being successful, are you not fulfilling or striving for you dreams.

What is it that you really want?

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