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Thursday, April 14, 2011

More places to Drink in Meatpacking

Friends of the High Line won support Tuesday night for its plan to launch beer and wine service this summer. Hurrah! But the Community Board, being the Community Board and therefore required to act like your cranky grandpa woken up from his nap, has some concerns. Booze will be served above the Chelsea Market and at the northern end of a second section of the park that's due to open in late spring and serves 350 people--otherwise known as far too many.

"I think it's a great amenity, but it's going to get away from you," said committee co-chair Lisa Daglian, raising the specter of a beer garden-like atmosphere emerging.

Pretzels and wenches?

Nope. Founder Joshua David and Director of Food Melina Shannon-DiPietro talked about forging a family-friendly environment with art installations, films and activities including roller-skating and salsa classes. They are also working with the neighborhood in other ways pretty much ensuring you some enjoyable summer days spent sipping in the city's elevated park.

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