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Thursday, November 6, 2008



Let me first begin by saying Tue November 4th 2008 was a tremendously happy and proud day for me as a black man who takes his citizenship and his right to vote very seriously! I'm excited at the fact that a black man could unite this country in a way that is reminiscent to MLK and JFK in their era! I'm proud to have cast my ballot for Barack Obama, and I'm proud to be a part of history!

That being said, i was not as elated as most African Americans were because as my friends and peers tell me, I'm a HATER! As proud as i am that President Elect Obama was my choice for President on Nov. 4th, I'm also equally as proud the Hilary Clinton was my choice in the Primary, I'm also equally as proud that John Kerry was my choice 4 years ago. My problem is with these fair weather voters that only voted one b/c he is a black man, and 2. Expect me to do the same and say that i should be ashamed b.c i voted for Hillary in the Primaries.

Unfortunately, i don't look at voting as the cool thing to do like some of you might, i don't buy albums b/c they are played on the radio all day, i don't like trends because they are trendy, I have always prided myself in making my own decisions for my own good reasons. The mantra in my high school has stuck with me to this day (in a world that expects you to fit in, we teach you to stand out). How dare you say why did i vote for Hilary? How dare you say there was no one worth your vote last year?(all that means is you voted for Bush) If you were so disgusted with President Bush, why didn't you do something to stop him from getting into office! (an ounce of prevention is better than a ton of cure).

Now, I was a little annoyed that people were voting for Barack just b/c he was black, but a friend of mine made a perfectly good point to me a few weeks ago, and i think that it was VERY VALID!
Someone asked "are you voting for Barack just because he is black?" and the person responded, Yes i am, because there are people out there NOT voting for him because he is black, so I'm just here to balance the scale! That was a very very good point!!! So my problem does not lie with those who voted for color, my problem is with those who want to scream get out of Office Bush, people who sent me those 10,000 text messages on the morning and day before election day telling me to get up and go vote! Where the Fhuk were you four years ago? If you didn't want George Bush as President why didn't you get up and Vote for John Kerry? Because he is not Black he couldn't do anything to help your cause and a middle class American?? Don't fhukin tell me to go vote when you are in your 30's and your just voting for the 1st time, your opinion means absolutely nothing to me! Where were you 4 yrs ago? Where were you 8 yrs ago? and if your old enough, did you even vote for Clinton, one of the best Presidents we have every had, or was he not black so not worth your vote?? Even if every year you vote for a Democrat because that is your party and you know your party has your best interest in mind that is better than not voting because "you don't like any of those white guys" STFU!!! that is some of the most ignorant shyt i have ever heard, and ignorance annoys me very much!

I'm proud of the campaign that President Obama ran, I'm proud of the message that he has portrayed to the public, I'm proud that so many people believed that he could do for this country what is needed, but what I'm not proud of is the fair weather people that don't care about any of that, didn't watch one debate, don't know any of the things he stands for and cant tell me one thing about Obama other than he is "the BLACK president" how about is "the RIGHT president"

Yes Yes Yes Yes, I'm elated an proud that my president is BLACK, but I'm more proud that the right man finally got the job that has been in the wrong man's hands for 8 Damn Years!!!!

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