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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Why am i soo removed from civilization without my damn blackberry??

Blackberry ohhh Blackberry, Where art thou blackberry??

Its going to suck finding out what 150 contacts im missing and 40 something bbms wont be on my phone since i have not backed it up in about 5 weeks!! FREAKIN GREAT!!! :(

3 Retort(s):

PM said...

OK Shakespeare ... Lol. Damn Crackberry addict...haha

*God's Gift* said...

i am SO proud to announce that i am ONE of the people who didnt assume you were blatantly avoiding people lol. had me all worried...hmph!
im sorry you lost your phone. had to hit you on myspace to ask you a question and see if things were ok...im glad they are tho...with the exception of you losing your phone.

dont be a stranger to my blog!! :-*

VerSe said...

Definitely now cool losing a BB. Your on Verizon? You plan on getting that BB Storm?