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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


One of the biggest problems i have noticed with people during holidays and birthdays and such gift giving times of the year is that people give gifts they want the other person to have or think that they would like. A great gift isnt always monetary or even obvious, but it takes you paying attention to your gf/bf/mom/dad/friend/sibling/auntie/uncle ... whoever.

People give you real subtle hints as to what they want eve without knowing they are doing it. Please try to pay attention, i know im late on this post b/c most of you already purchased those gifts that people will smile at and say thank you, but really know thats not what they want.

I have had many of young christmas' and ex shorties giving me things they think i would want, and it just further shows that you are just being generic, a thoughtful gift is always more meaningful that an expensive one. However .... if you get the thoughtful one and its inexpensive, pls feel free to splurge from there .

;) lol

I hope everyone has fun and enjoy their family and friends ... Ill be hanging out w/ my Mexican and Russian Friends in the next few days.

-- Why complain about life, no one is listening, and if they are, they just want you to shut the fuck up!

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Anonymous said...

totally digg what you're saying. i've gotten a few gifts myself that i've accepted solely because i'm an "it's the thought that counts" type of person... but sometimes it wasn't exactly what i wanted or something i could even put to good use.

what do you prefer?

-an expensive gift that you really want?


-a thoughtful (expensive or inexpensive) gift that you might or might not like...?

just curious.