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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


If you have son with any athletic ability, the sport to play is baseball, baseball, baseball, baseball!!!

The easiest sport out of the big 4(football,basketball,hockey,baseball), and you can play the longest!

New Contract with Yankees

Mark T - 8 yrs - $180 (GUARANTEED)

CC Sabathia - 7 Yrs - $161 M (GUARANTEED)

Alex R - 10 Yrs - $275 M


And Yall want me to wake up in the morning and punch a clock?? I should just start a tribe of athletes, fuck the Manning's! I show you how to do this SON!!! LoL

4 Retort(s):

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

That's exactly why my brother has his two sons playing baseball...luckily they love it, but he knows baseball players make the most money, LOL!!!

I'm not mad at that...long as they break Auntie off with a couple thousand when they make it :)

Vegas International said...


Im a football lover to my heart!! but gooooootdamn!! We gotta kill ourselves for a couple million babes.

W T F!!!

CXXVII said...

Hmm what trains go to Yankee Stadium???

brook lynne carter. said...

its funny, i went to high school with cece. he is always been a good guy. married his high school sweet heart. ANYWAY..i always tell girls this in the club, whenever a basball player falls in the club, im always like "girl thats the real money, fuck wit it"

and i dont want to hear that "gold digger" shit, because it IS our job to make money in the club right? and well, brook shoots from the 3-point line, beh beh. ;o]