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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


They Say Women "Gossip" and Dudes "Brag"

You know what I say, Chicks have four lips, and thats why they can never shut the fuck up w/ their shyt!!!

So, i was talking to my dude as usual and he said that he thinks that chicks never shut the fhuk up! However, when i speak to some (if not most) of my women they always say they feel like men always gotta talk to their boys (like yall asses dont always to your girls)!

When it comes to your business and their (opposite sex) business, who really talks the most??

Here is my take on it:

I think bytches talk more! Now, when i say bytches i dont mean only women! Some dudes can be bytches too, but yes i do think its more of a woman thing! Yes, there are a bunch of bytch niggas out there, but i think females definitely run their mouths more.

Tell me if im Wrong ... It happened once before, I guess it could happen twice. lol

5 Retort(s):

brook lynne carter. said...

shame on you for the four lips comment !

your dead wrong.ツ

listen-guys talk way more than women do, NOW A DAYS. women are more concerned with rep than they are with boasting. now women may gossip about other peoples business more so then men, but men definately talk more about there sexual escapades than women, and they are huge name droppers. i know i will definately post up and listen to gossip-i wont lie. but who i fuck or deal with socially, you wont know from me.

guys always want to say this:

now what the fuck i look like saying that shit? now true, you do have the isolated situations like the "superheads" who want to capitalize off their promiscuity(did i spell that right),but typically no, woman like to gossip about other peoples business not their own. (ill give u that)

shame shame shame. four lips, blah.

Peggy M. said...

I think both sexes talk just as much - just about different shit.

Women gossip and talk about random shit - not so much sex as far as who we're fucking... but maybe more of how good it was - like brook said, we aren't really concerned with boasting. Men are the ones with ego issues so they like to chat about the who, what, when, where and why's...

I can't fathom a dude gossiping... like that's really some bitch shit, but as you said, there are some bitch ass dudes out there.

With regards to business... Hmmm... I might have to say women are probably more liable to talk about what's going on in their life than a dude. I might sound silly, but I just can't see too many dudes going to their boys having heart to hearts as we females do. Ya'll have images to uphold and egos to protect. God forbid your boy knows you're "stressed" or you "really like this girl" ... I think you get my jist.

Vegas International said...

Brook ...
lol - 4 lips baby!! lol

Anyway, i may be inclined to give you your "men brag more b/c of connquest thing" but trust i know a lot of chicks who tell their chicks they fuckin with a dude b/c they dont want another chick messing with him. But ill give you that.

But Trust, there is NO competetion when it comes to talking other peoples business. Yall some gossiping, talking shyt about a nigga or a chick ass motherfuckas homie.

If you had a secret, would you be more inclined to tell it to dude or a female? That is a general question, if your bff is a woman ok, ok but, generally do you think your secret is safe w/ a woman or a dude? I would say a dude!

Vegas International said...

Peggy ...

Thats exactly my point. Dudes "MIGHT" tell someone they are cool w/ that they smashed a chick, but fasho he aint yappin another girl or dudes business!!

ill;kinda said...
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