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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So, I'm sitting here on this couch at 745am (not drunk) having a nice cold refreshing Blue Moon, and I'm trying to remember this blog that came to head last night as I left the little bodega on Jazzo's old block (Bleeker and Broadway) and its not coming o me. Something told me as I walked down the street with the beer in my hand that I should write this down bc I will forget, but I didn't :( anyway, I digress.

So I'm sitting here thinking to myself, I had a really good talk with my ace yesterday. We "talk" like 2 or 3 times a month but I love this gyal bc she always keeps it funky with me, and I appreciate that more than anything.

Anyway, I realized that there are about 4 ppl in this country that I actually "Talk" to! I speak to just about everyone because of what I do, but there are very few ppl that I "Talk" to -- people might say 4 is a large number or a small number, but put this in perspective. I have a blackberry with approximately (actually hold on) Exactly 2119 contacts and a bbm list 326 ppl. So my pool is much larger than the avg. So to me, that's a small number. I'm a very public and outgoing person, but my personal business is (for the most part) kept very quiet, and that's what I like.

So a big thank you to Mprs, PeMe, EQ, & Casper. I can honestly call Jazzo, Weezy, Scoob, Jeru, Mickey, A-Dub and the Dark Knight my friends, but life has taken us on different paths where we no longer converse like we used to, but I know I can always holla if I need to.

So anyway, my Ace told me last night I should have been a Politician (for reason unrelated to this blog), and I said yea, your right, and I just realized she was even more right, because I'm probably the most Private Public Figure (yes, I said public figure, deal with it, lol) that most of you know! ;) So, i said all that to ask ... How many people do you talk to???

Happy Fake Monday, just behind Hump Day!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good blog! I think most people really don't "talk" to that many people. My list is about 4 or 5 people. I think others you just speak or chat with on occasion.

I have as you like to call "my ace" and me and him talk about everything and he is the only person close to me(besides women I have dated) that I am lesbian. He hates it but he deals. He talks to me about anything and everything I challenge him on his girls and he challenges me on mine.

I do think you have to keep some things private. When everyone knows your business...not cool.

Peggy M. said...


de rien.

(my french/kreole sucks in writing - Rose might see this and tell me I spelled it wrong...lol)

ps - I'm mad you used a picture of a Priest during a confessional...lmao...

Peggy M. said...

oh - I didn't answer the question..

I can say I "talk" to proabably about 3 people - one of them everyday. The other 2 - several times during a week.

TaMina said...

Good point- theres certain people that get the tid bits in your life-its amazing as we grow older and we grow out of certain friendships that we step outside of the 'comfort' zone b/c we're not comfortable anymore. In this day and age its easier to leave certain things out-u gotta have something for yourself! I feel ya on the post public figure lol

Rosie B. said...

I'm a huge chatter my self.. But I must say I have @ least a good solid 6 people I "talk" to.Some have known me since I was 11 and some after College..But all keep it funky with me when I talk and I NEED That!

oh & Peggy: Ou bon Ti Cherie! :-)

(Vegas is probably thinking these Haitians have gone mad on my freaging Blog! LOL)