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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Many people that know of me or even know me well would probably attest to the fact that I quite possibly may not be the most humble person they have come in contact with.

HOWEVER .... I am a New Yorker, and if anything i have learned from being in NYC is that you must, and i repeat must give everyone a fair shake b/c you never know who the fhuk might be trying to converse with you, or what opportunites may lie infront of you. You must always think you are better than your competition or perceived competition, but you must always have some form of humility about you. I do believe that i have that.

So im headed to Bar 89, one of my old favorites (i say old, b/c it has been infested by the mass exodus of gen pop who shop on Broadway and Canal) because my friend was in the mood for one of their immaculate chocolate martini's. If you dont know, this place makes the best Martini's in nYc. If you want to contest that fact, see me at the bar. Anyway .... I walk in and I see some dudes that do simular things that I do, but on a different scene and in BK. We spark up a conversation and while doing so, I had a moment ... It came to me that EVERYONE has a role to play. We do what we do because its prob the best of only option for us. I dont take anything away from a person who does their thing in BK (on a large scale) -- to be honest, it would be very difficult for me to do what they do. Likewise, it would be very difficult for them to do what i do ... Now, this is my dude, we cool, he hits me, i tell him whats good In the city, I invite him out all the time, he is part of that from the hood, but the hood doesnt define me crew. I just know there are certain things and places i just dont frequent or attend. So, im not saying im too good to do that BK thing, that would be a little inaccurate b/c im not too for any hood, i came from the hood. However, Im no longer in that place of my life where that is entertaining to me. If i keep looking back, im not going to be able to move forward as fast as I want ... YA DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG!!!!

But thats why I love BK -- we have everyone here. Best Borough In NYC Baby!!!

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