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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rupert Murdoch vs. Al Sharpton (and others)

There has been rumblings and arguments in the last few days about this "Monkey" Cartoon. Now I as do most people found that to be highly offensive, Very Insensitive, Extremely disrespectful, and borderline Racist. HOWEVER ... all this talk of people should be fired and the gov't should step in is absolutely absurd!!!

Just in case everyone forgot, this is a "great" country because an idiot like that has the right to print and say what he wants. You got one and a half apologies out of him, you can boycott him, you can protest against him. But No One has the right to fire him! We have all said some offensive things, especially about the Ex President, but just b/c he was disliked and Obama is soo loved, does not mean talking about Bush is ok, and Obama isnt. Im not saying the jokes ppl said about Bush is equal to the disrespect put forth in that cartoon. However, just like you had the right to post it in your blogs and run in your papers, this Idiot Murdoch has the same exact rights. Be careful of what you ask for, b/c the law is the law for a reason.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent point. Our country has many freedoms that other countries do not have...with that there is always a cost.