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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Such a cool weekend ruined....

It started out all good!

Flight into Buffalo was Cool

Seeing my dudes and his lil man was coool

Grand Marnier / Heineken & Wings was coool

Sitting around having some heated conversation was cool

Then I left my dudes crib to go with these motherfuckas and then....

Then everything took a turn for the worst.

I hate it when grown (_!_) men act like little pre adolescent lil girls! You can't be serious right now

After I left my dude linx, I don't think one "Cool" thing happend

Let's See...
Lost about $70,000 in poker in one night

Got to the Game Late

Camera battery died

We Lost the Game

Lost my damn Amex

Lost my ride back into Buffalo

The Fucking Colts Lost to San Diego
(I'm fucking tight like pigeon pussy at this time)

( Wait Wait Wait ........ )

There were a few good moments in the Pub, Big shout to Haddad, Hedges, Cole, Cappy, Coach Donner, Marvin, Ryker, Rico, Hot Rod, Pruce, Theron.
It was good catching up and seeing that everyone is doing well and taking care of themselves and their families!

Ok, back to the bullshyt...

I realized that after 6 yrs, I'm the only person that looks like he has gained weight, and its only like 15-20 lbs, WTF!!!

Everyone looks the same, yall either not eating or not drinking or working out! Either way, I eat a lot, drink more than all of you (combined) and only work out in 25-35 minute intervals! LoL (Shut Up EQ)

Anyway, I'm glad I mad the trip out here! I'm just aggrivated at the fact that I still have to deal with some of this Fhukry! Well, I'm inside Muzik right now about to make the a movie! Still gotta love Toronto!

See yall when I get state side!

4 Retort(s):

Peggy M. said...

lol @ 25-35 minute intervals.

**trucee writer** said...

sooooo after you lost the first 10,000...what made you keep playing???

Vegas International said...

Hey, the 1st 10k went really fast, i was playing with 100 / 2000 blinds. lol

Black Sand said...

25-35 min intervals...hmm...lol