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Tuesday, January 13, 2009



People have a real hard time differentiating when its business and when its personal.

The real question is why do we (yes I) do it anyway?

Why is that?? Im working on my theory, whats yours?

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Peggy M. said...

Writing half asleep right now but uhhh... no...

People do not have a hard time differentiating between work and play... we are all adults and know exactly what we are doing and the repercussions that may come along with such relationship.

One word:


Oh, let's not forget excitement/thrill in some cases, since certain companies are highly against work relationships... ties back to your Taboo post...

Vegas International said...

You must be speaking from personal experience where you wish that were true, but very rarely is that the case

Its a bad mix!
Relationships stop and go faster than most job opportunites. So to have that stigma or that tension or even that dislike (cause it ended badly) be a constant every day is not a good look. Often, it makes you untollerable (to other co workers) or even unproductive (at your job), which in turn means you just might lose ya job after you lost ya fhuk buddy, boo or whatever yall called it.

People are grown, but emotions are childish. So as soon as you get emtotional your no longer an adult, and you no longer think like one (rationally).

Peggy M. said...


Where in my response did I say it was good to mix business with pleasure? Everyone knows it isn't! What I did was ignore the title of your post and focused on the questions in the body of your post. You asked why people do it and why do people have a hard time differentiating b/w the two, so I simply answered your questions. I said people do it for convenience and people do not have a hard time separating the two, they just choose not to at that moment.

Allow me to clarify.
Speaking from experience - Yeah, you're absolutely correct. It's very bad and I'd never ever do it again. It causes great tension and makes you unproductive at times as you mentioned. Some people have even lost their jobs for trivial office romance.

So incase I wasn't too clear in my first comment ... or if I answered your question incorrectly - mixing business with pleasure is not a good idea people.

And no V, I don't "wish" my reasons were true. They are. Do a poll, ask around. Most business/pleasure relationships are affairs or flings. Yeah, some may be genuine and the couple may end in a long term situation (I've seen people get married from it), but majority of the time, it's for convenience.

Peggy M. said...

So I'm seriously trying to figure out where you got that I thought this was cool and I think I see what happened. You thought my "but uhhh... no..." was in response to the title of your post I'm assuming, but it wasn't. It was in response to your statement that said "People have a real hard time differentiating when its business and when its personal".

Sorry to confuse you!

Vegas International said...


i thought you were saying its ok, b/c people can differentiate b/t the two and we are all grown!

Aight ... but I still think people do have a hard time differentiating. People start to take things personal. Its the emotion. When people get emotions involved they can not think rationally, hence they can not tell the difference b/t work and play.

Peggy M. said...

Ok yeah, emotions definitely cloud one's judgement.

I had a Vegas moment earlier... I was ready to go in on the Go Inner himself.

Boss Lady said...

Real Simple.

Hard Liqour And Hormones.

Boss Lady said...

Better to not even put yourself in that situation. If its supposed to be a business dinner, not too smart to guzzle down 5 shots of patron. lol