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Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm not an Alcoholic...

Alcoholics go to Meetings!!!!

So after a bottle of Grand Marnier and some loud and passionate conversation amongst educated Negroes, i needed another drink.... my boys tried to make me eat that nasty pork shyt, but i opted out and enjoyed some quality dark Heinies instead. If you have not had a Dark Heineken before, you should definitely try one.

Well The Game is Tomorrow and im pretty sure these loud Ass Negroes and Alumni will totally turn Toronto out!!!

PS: My Hotel is inside of a fucking Mall, I fhuks w/ Toronto Homie!!! Im on my mobile blogger SHYT heavy right now!!! ILL HOLLA!!!

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2 Retort(s):

Peggy M. said...

I wish I could blog on the go =(

tmobile blows.

have fun!

Vegas International said...

I Dnt want to hear about your blogger problems punk!! Get a better carrier, lol