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Tuesday, January 6, 2009



But ladies (and fellas) if you were dealing with someone and you found out they were cheating, which would hurt less. The fact that they were cheating with a whole bunch of random chicks, or the fact that he was having an affair with another chick??

Some people said the best way to cheat and not get caught was to have a bunch of random chicks, some people said the best way is to have just one other chick. Me personally, i say its kinda touchy! If you meet a shorty and you try to turn a jump into a jewel and you find out she is still doing what she always did, i guess that would hurt more than finding out she was always with one other nigga. However, if her persona is clean cut and innocent and you find out she has been throwing the pussy all over the place like Bret Favre, i think that might bother me more. To each its own, but not for nothing, i think all chicks cheat, but that another topic.

We all know you wont like that your OTHER is cheating, i understand that, but which one is more acceptable, or as i said, hurts LESS!!!

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Peggy M. said...

you're right to a degree - most chicks do cheat at one point or another in their life! Not all. Like you said before, it's all about "opportunity", which not everyone has...

But just because most firls cheat, it doesn't mean we cheat in every situation.

I'm a little confused, did we not answer your question in the last post or is the a continuation...? You know your posts come with several volumes! =]

but I thought I answered... =/

Vegas International said...

The 1st post was, what was the best way to cheat. This one im asking if you found out your 'other' was cheating, would it hurt more if he was fucking with a bunch of chicks, or if he was having an affair with one chick!`

brook lynne carter. said...

um. i think all men cheat. all men are dogs.

there are good dogs and bad dogs.

its only cheating by social standards/

there should be more "akons". real mean who are not apologizing for not being able to find everything they want in one woman. so he has like 6. so what. as long as everyone is aware and accepting.

problem with 'cheating' is, its only bad because its a lie. if people would just communicated need versus want from the start, there would be less confusion, less heartache and happier people.

serial monogamy is not for everyone. not even close.

brook lynne carter. said...

i forget what your questions was, but that doesnt really matter cause i speak freely, lol.


brook lynne carter. said...

i forget what your questions was, but that doesnt really matter cause i speak freely, lol.


Vegas International said...

We usually bump heads on my subjects, but on this i do agree with you 100% about time we agree to actually agree.

Keeping it funky is always best, no arguments here. But my question was, if your dude didnt keep it funky and had you in this security bubble, would it hurt less if he had one main chick on the side, or was just knocking down random broads!

ill;kinda said...

hm, I think what hurt me more when I found out about my sons father (tear) lol
was the fact that not only was he cheating with multiple women . He had another girlfriend who he kept seeing after I broke up with him . That was emotional . Like wreckless cheating isn't ok by any means but I would rather have you cheat with hella different chicks because you can't be emotionally attached to all of them you just cant ! But he found 1 & tried to wife her && little did he know that his little miss perfect was a slut . haha
but it is definitely different in every situation . I prefer a man who is whole heartedly faithful, but then again I do live in the real world & where the fuck im gonna find one of them ?
lol good post

Vegas International said...

ill ...

Damn ... baby daddy tried to bit off more than he can chew and now he is choking on it!! Karma is a motherfucka!

brook lynne carter. said...

it would hurt motr if there was just one side chick. that means there is an attachment..even if its a small one.

a lot girls just means you are tired of looking at the same pussy and its just sexual.

having one side girl, or mistress or whatever, its much more dangerous.

in my opinion.

brook lynne carter. said...

err..my opinion and/or experience.

-no judgement-

Peggy M. said...

random chicks hurt less.

Tamina said...

Random chicks means he is a whore bag without a cause- 1 chick means that its b/w me n her we balance out his need to equal 1 none the less.

Everybody has cheated in their lifetime- gals and guys-guys more than gals i dont care its TRUE lol

I agree w/ peggs on the fact that girls don't cheat in every situation
true-some women know if their dealing with BS and choose to so in turn just like dude with 1 on the side- we may have our 1 on the side 4 a rainy day when the shit doesn't pan out and optimism (that he will change-most women do this) has ran out.

BossLady said...

Hmm. Depends on what he did I guess. If fucked a buncha shorties I think it would hurt less than him fucking one bitch on the regular.

I'm guessing if he was just fucking one girl then he probably feels some way about her. And she can provide for him something I can't. Whatever that "thing" may be. It would hurt more because this woman has the ability to make him hers. And if thats the case, then it would hurt to know you could lose someone you love. But if you do lose him, it was inevitable. If it didn't happen now, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Dating is a filtering process. You move the fuck on. And if he decides to clean up his act, then thats great, Whats meant to be will be.

Mr.Getz Bizzy said...


This shit happen to me in April 08

I had met this shorty in the club from Harlem, so I should've known she was crazy. I fucked her a few times and I just disappeared on her ass, she was 28 too a good 5 or 5yrs older than me. She then followed with the private calls, not saying anything, idle threats, then the crazy voice mails and text messages. One morning she called and I was in bed with my girlfriend and she answered my phone, the crazy ho went loco. It was Saturday morning, long ass night, 8am. My boy wakes me up and he's like yooo wtf, ya car son. I had a metallic silver Acura MDX suv. Peep shorty had wrote all over my car in black permanent marker. There were statements about an email, DOG, WOMANIZER, stick figures on women I've fucked over. she wrote all on the windshield, hope u learn ur lesson. I had to call the cops, because if not, I was about to put my foot knee deep in her ass.

I do think women cheat though, I know we do "I have" playing with peoples emotions isn't the best route. I think if you're going to cheat you should let the person you're fucking with know "hey I have somebody" I just want to fuck. She knew I had a woman, it was just the whole hit & run thing, they don't like that.