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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


but ... You get what you pay for ...

Its come to the point in NYC and its seems everywhere I go that people are their own celebrity. People complain about Nightlife .. people complain about things to do, but no one wants to do contribute to anything good. When there is a quality event no one wants to pay for it, then blame the culture of nightlife for it sucking. Well if you dont want to party w/ broke people who are not on your level, the maybe you should not act broke and get off their level.

"Parties were fun back in they day" -- "the clubs are not the same" -- "I hate parting w/ little kids" ..... Well you know what was going on back then, you were probably paying to get into the club. People learn a promoters name and expect everything to be Free! No real promoter is opposed to allowing a patron a night or two on the house, but if you dont "support" and only come out when you can get in for FREE ... im sorry, but that is not support.

Everyone has heard, i have payed my debt to the party game, I dont pay for parties anymore, yada yada yada .... but because you shopped at the same Supermarket since you were a kid do you go in and get free groceries, because you have been going to the same doctor for years do just call him and say im coming in and there is no charge? Why is it that people think "Parties" and people who do them dont have to make money? "You dont need my money, look at how many people are in here" ... HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE??

"I support your parties all the time" .... that is the most annoying thing i hear from people every fucking day ... as my boy @ZipLoc718 would say, "Yall dont know the definition of support, b/c you come here for free, drink for free, and want all your friends to do the same, that is not support, YOURE A PARASITE!!!!

If you come to an event, pay like you way, and happen to meet someone who does it and also bring paying people that is support!!! Asking for favors every week and not coming anywhere unless its free and you drink for free is leaching!!! YOURE A LEACH!!!!

This party game is a business like any other, and we do appreciate our patrons, customers. We do whatever we can to make others feel comfortable and provide a safe and fun atmosphere, but like everything in the damn world, it cost money to do things the right way! Why must do all the work to put things together, pay for everything, and then you decide you are not even going to come "support" ... so when we do get the young ones out, or the people you feel are better than to come out and pay, why are you complaining about them being around and in the same building when you wont raise a finger to do something about it.

The demise of NYC nightlife is that everyone is a fucking celebrity, but celebrities have followers, and their followers pay to be around them, so if you are soo got damn special, bring me some revenue so you can be comp'd and stop complaining and blowing up my damn phone.

If you know me well enough, sure, you dont have to wait on line ... that is what you deserve for coming out and speaking to the people who you need to speak to, but 3 times a year, and you never pay, does not say "support"

If you are better than that chick in a $20 dollar dress, or better than that dude in a 3x button up and dirty timbs, then act that way. I mean, they look broke, but come and have a good time, you look like your not, and complain about not having a good time. The peers you feel like you have, have money, even the broke ones you feel like you are better than have money, try putting together something with your own money and getting to "support" and you will see what its like out here in these streets for "Real Promoters."

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