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Thursday, July 30, 2009


I fucking hate dogs because i was bit by one when i was in Jamaica when I was a kid. However, through the years, i have learned to forgive but not forget. So now im looking for a man's best friend. I do have a few human BFF's but I think its about time for my Dog!!!

So i have been quietly pondering the K9 thing for a few yrs and I am sure of what i dont want. I definitely didnt want a big city nigga dog -- thats not my character. I dont think i would get along with those aggressive and intimidating animals.

However, i sure as hell dont want the Gay Man or the Socialite Dogs either. That definitely isnt my thing. If youre walking around with a fucking Yorkie as a man, I think your gay!! Thats just me ...

So now, i have to think about what kind of dog would work in the city. Through my research, i came up with two dogs ...

The Boxer is my quality 2nd choice. Its a lean looking animal, not small, but not overly aggressive. Quality K9!!

However, The Vizsla is my numero uno.
I have to take him to the park twice a day or maybe put him on the treadmill, but this dog is almost perfect

- Athletic Build
- No Dog Smell
- No real health problems
- Not too big/Not too small
- and definitely not a dog you see everyday.


2 Retort(s):

MPrss said...

I love it! I embraced my dog need with a GREYHOUND- one of the best dogs ever- but was overcome with stress and the need to not come home after work so had to return her to her foster home... after only 48 hours.

Be prepared to get attached really quickly! The best advice that was given to me in terms of my doggie relationship was... we have other things outside of our dogs but we are everything to our dogs.

Happy hunting!!!

Anonymous said...

What about an English bulldog? They are not aggressive at all and they are so cute, they're uglY!