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Monday, July 6, 2009


I cant really understand why some people are soo unrealistic in life ....

I can respect that man/woman that believes they are special and deserves everything to come to them that they have worked for .... TRUST ME I GET IT...

I also dont believe a person should have to settle or belittle themselves to be happy, however "Every Rose has Its Thorn." And being realistic about life isnt settling to me.

You have a Bachelors, A Master, and a Doctorate and you're hella successful in life, that is your Rose... that is what you wanted. However, your thorn is you prob dont have that immaculate love life you thought that you would have had to make you 'complete" ... The people you date dont seem to understand you b/c your will and drive way surpasses what they do and cant fathom how you do it. Thats Your thorn.

You are a beautiful woman, great body, and actually a nice personality with somewhat of an education, but everyone loves you .. every one wants you .. you are being chased by Athletes, Actors, Millionaires that just want you as a trophy as a boo, maybe even a wifey; Thats your Rose. Unfortunately, you dont feel independent, you are not doing what you wanted to be doing with your life, you feel a bit dependent, but you are soo far in right now you can't even imagine starting over so you feel stuck in this stereotype of beautiful woman waiting for her "Prince Charming" to make youre problems go away and set up your future; Thats your thorn!

You are in a relationship with someone that you feel loves you ... he/she treats you well, does for you, tries to grow with you, you learn from each other, you make each other smile, and the only times tears come out is not b/c he puts his hands on you or she burns you (lol - had to find a reason for a man to shed a tear) --- its simply during heated arguments that everyone has; Thats your rose. Unfortunately deep inside that he is not 100% faithful or he knew her while she someone he knows' wifey or even worst side piece. Thats your thorn!! That is a thorn that could eat at any woman or any man!!

These are all things that many people would say they would not do, or would not settle for ... but the problem is people often over specialize themselves. Meaning, people always think they are more special than they really are. When reality hits, its a mother fucka, you make choices every day in your life and you just have to live with the consequences. If you want to stay in school for 12 yrs and study 6 nights a week so you can be a successful business person or lawyer or doctor, thats great!!! But dont ask why is my love life not where i want it to be. Its obvious, you love your success more than your love life .. LETS JUST KEEP IT FUNKY!!!

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Anonymous said...

"every rose has its thorns, just like every night has its dawn"

even though something or someone can seem perfect, there will always be a flaw.

good read.

JenellyBean said...

Balance is the key to life.

The man who seeks out education as his rose needs to balance out his interpersonal relationships to offset the overload on academics.

The woman who has beauty as her rose needs to pick up skills and hobbies to balance out her dependency on others.

I don't have the answers to it all, but I know that these issues could be avoided with proper guidance.

This is my first time stopping by your place. Please come Stroke my Ego when you have time.

TaMina said...

I agree -it also has to do with what you attract in a lot of ways too. If you don't have a standard at 1st n you try 2 gain 1 during your relationship you fail b/c u came in that way & accepted all the things your significant other has. But in learning from those life experiences- its not necessarily 'specializing' oneself its a matter of knowing what you want because you've been there already why go back & make the same mistakes- isn't it better to evolve?

Rosie B! said...

I get it.. and I agree mostly but I think its a little unfortunate if you don't realize at least in your young adult life that you can't have EVERYTHING. For the most part you have to sacrifice to get what it is you want in life & I think people make the mistake of trying to cover their thorns with a blanket of bullshit rather than accepting them and choosing to cut them off. Its all about choices, at the end of the day, if you don't like something about the sittuation do something to change it, complaining never made things different. So I say grab your thorn my its horn & put it in check!