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Monday, April 13, 2009


What is safe sex? I mean, putting on a condom seems to be what everyone wants you to do. However, if you are fucking someone's girl in the hood is that still considered safe sex?


Why is it always the fat ugly chicks that want to fight in the clubs?? I mean, who are you really mad at?? Its not my fault ya moms didnt put you on a diet! If you are in the club and feels like "everyone" is acting "tooo cute", bitch you might just be too ugly. So jst put on your jacket, leave gracefully and go find your peers, cuz they are not here!


If you are the guy that has to say can i buy you a drink in order to spark a convo, or say, "hey im a promoter, producer, rapper, (or anyone of those corny ass intro's) and no one ever seems to talk to you when you are in the club, in the laundromat, on the train, in a classroom, or focus group, then your prob the corny dude and no one wants to talk to you. Go buy another fake Jacob watch and use your tax refund check to buy another bottle. After that, go play in traffic with blindfolds on!


If you claim to be the hottest shyt in town but you have been riding the same person's coat tail your entire career, then guess what... YOUR NOT NOT!!! In a city of "who you know" just b/c you know one person does not make you hot. NO ONE respects you ... they deal with you until the person whose dick/clit you have in your mouth figures out you are giving them bad head and a terrible reputation comes to his/her senses!


The hardest thing to do is pay attention when you feel you don't have to! However - The Worst feeling is losing something you know you should have because ya (_!_) didn't pay attention. - Yea, that just happened!!!!!! :(


They say if you knew better you do better. But, you know that bitch aint shyt and she definitely aint right for you but you are still fucking with her. That means you knew better but you did worst? If you know that pot will burn you if you touch it with your bare hands and you consistently do it, that makes the action insane. That being said, when your dude told you ... "that bitch got you (made you) craazy my nigga or Son, you going craaazy over (for) this bitch" he was DEAD ON!!!!

- SIGH -

thats all for now.

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