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Monday, March 16, 2009


As i have always told my friends and just about anyone that will listen to me. Be careful of who you are seen with, converse with, canoodle with, drink with, and call your peoples!! These people out here stink to like a bathroom with no windows at a Mexican Restaurant with and an open bar on a college campus on Friday Night! (figure it out)

These motherfuckas are walking around really stinking up the place, and little do you know that you are carrying their stench around with you. We have learned (well i have) that just about everyone has a use in your life for something. However, dont let their use jeopardize your worth!!

Its easy to brush off haters, but who cares about them! The best thing you can do for yourself is brush of the leaches!!!

Fake Friends Frauds -- Go Play in cement after you take an acid shower because you just got fhuked with a sandpaper condom!

2 Retort(s):

Pana said...

I agree 100 percent !!!! Haters need to get a life. Someone I knew from childhood's father passed last week. I wasn't informed until day beforethe wake. Therefore I could not attend. As Soon as my best friend walks into the wake she gives the gil my condolenses then another girl proceeds to ask ...Where is Pana ??? Shit I thought this was a time of grief Why the fuck you worrying about me and why I'm not in attendace...Did you call to inform me?? No bitch STFU....Sorry for rambling.... sometimes these lames throw off your balance because you just can't understand why they have no life....SMH and flipping my hair over my shoulder laughing at these hoes.

Rosie B. said...