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Monday, March 22, 2010


Ever fuck someone you know you shouldn't?

(You get that naughty rush!!! That voyeuristic feeling
ohhhhh man, i shouldn't be doing this!!, but this shyt
is definitely about to go down)

Then fuck someone you said you wouldn't?

(This is the person you always felt could never get
it from you, because of whatever reason, but ONE
DAY ... the Moon was right and the situation couldn't
be denied, not so much of a rush, but a HEEEEEEEEERE WE GO!!)

Then fuck someone you thought you couldn't?

(This is the ultimate SUPERMAN / SUPERWOMAN RUSH .... I know im sexy, but

i never thought this person wanted to fuck me. I
thought we were just friends, I thought you were
celibate, I thought you didn't fuck short dark skin
ppl - Its a RUSH b/c i just didn't think we
were fucking tonight ... POW!!!!!!)

What was your weekend like???

2 Retort(s):

Anonymous said...

anime fucking granny

MsVennie said...

I give a nod to this one. so honest - I recently kissed a boy I shouldn't have been kissing, but his lips were oh so sweet.