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Wednesday, September 9, 2009




So i really wasnt going to post many new blogs because i wanted to blog above this to be the 1st thing ppl see when they visit my page, but im gong to pre date this post b/c i was inspired by my girl @BrookandtheCity on twitter (http://www.absolutebrook.com/) and i had to post this shyt!!

Anyway, #PUSSYFAX for those of you who cant figure it out is Car Fax for the Pussy. I know a lot of you women would really approach your sales pitch and price you place on your pussy much differently if #PUSSYFAX was available to those who are interested.

#PUSSYFAX forces bitches to stop claiming low mileage on their pussy when they know they have been picking up hitchhikers from Coast to Coast or been taking that i95 route from the south to the north like they moving guns and drugs. If you're pussy isworn out and ran down its cool, just own it, dont front. I understand you got new tires, maybe even got a fresh paint job, but unlike a car, you cant just get a new Twat. The one you got you are stuck with, so stop trying false advertising your 75k Twatage (twat mileage) as 12k.

Now im not judging you if you have high twatage on your pussy or if its a lil beat up a lil bit, to each its own. Everyone doesnt like to keep the pussy in the garage and that is totally cool! Its your pussy and only you can decide how often to take it out for a rid and "I" will never judge you for that. Some people like hoopties, its what they can afford, it might hold sentimental value, it fits their image, WHATEVER!! But, no one wants to pay Aston Martin prices for a hoop ride!! Just be honest with your merchandise and stop trying to bamboozle people.

#PUSSYFAX is something that would save a lot of you impulse buying ass niggas alot of heartache, money, and confusion. Some of you just love jumping into anything that looks new and shiny. Yall got to be careful, after a few weeks you are gonna wonder why the pussy is always in the shop. If you had #PUSSYFAX you would know this bitch is too damn fast with the pussy and dont know how to pump her brakes, so she always in need of some work b/c that shyt is worn the fuck out.

#PussyFax will help niggas realize that when the chick says she has only had "one owner" all she really means is that one person owned it but has been renting the pussy out on a WEEKLY basis!!!

If yall were honest sellers, we woulndt need #PussyFax, big shout to the ladies with high and low Twatage but keep it 100!!

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MsVennie said...

wth? LOL - you are crazy!!!