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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


No one says you have to live in the streets, in a Club, in a Lounge, in a Museum. However, you can live in your house and still leave your house!! TRUST ME!!!!

What the fuck do people do in their house all night every night - I'm not judging, I'm really just asking

There is but so much WE Channel - ESPN - HBO - etc that people can watch. I'm sure you have seen all ya DVD's 3 times each

I'm sure ill here - not everyone parties for a living Vegas some of us have fucking jobs! Ok! But What do you do?? Are you really working that hard at your job? I know people dont do shyt at work, b/c yall be the same ones on Facebook, Myspace, blogger and Twitter all damn day!!

I cant forget the infamous - "going out is soo Boring and Lame!" Really? So sitting on you couch slouching all night watching re runs of MASH is what cool people do? Thats not lame right?? Why are you 30 and under and know damn near all the episodes of MASH. We need to have a conversations about what "cool people do"

I'm not saying that its a guaranteed good time every time you go out- but its not a guaranteed good time when u stay in your house either. Especially if yall live in NYC!!! Then yall be the 1st ones to say, NYC is soo boring i want to move out of here!! Well leave, cause if all you do is stay in your crib, your not adding to or experiencing the NYC Lifestyle, Nightlife etc.

Yall be the midlife crisis motherfuckas buying motorcycles at 50+ - bitch pls you aint Benjamin Button!! Just because you were 50+ when you were in your 20's doesnt mean you are gonna be 20+ in your damn 50's --- GET THE FUCK OUTA HERE!!!!!

Also, for those people that scream "Fhuk that I have my boo @ home" shyt! Yall in a fire hazard relationship! Waay to crowded, that's not safe, ppl need space! So stay up underneath that person and you are gonna burn down that relationship. GET A LIFE!!! Please NYC needs NY'rs -- we are being ran out of the streets and the city by all these DAMN TRANSPLANTS!!! IM GOING CRAAZY!!!

This blog is directly from a Late Night Blog rant i had recently ...

2 Retort(s):

MsVennie said...

I have to admit MrVegas. I am a homebody. I love being around my house. I am an artist (I paint, write, have my own webstore launching soon, etc). I also work 2 jobs, have a work out routine, etc., so my time home is extremely limited. Maybe that's why I value it so much.

I think television has ruined so many people. They have become addicted to it like crack. It has eliminated the nurturing of literature (reading), creativity and love for the outdoors. These things, I feel, are so necessary for someone to have a degree of balance in their life.

Enjoying getting to know you through your writing.


Rosie B! said...

Church!I'm out often,that's my choice I love it & I totally respect people that aren't that social and just like to keep it low key. Low key and lifeless though, are two different things.I mean C'mon!DO SOMETHING. Those seem to be the same people always giving you the side eye and a lecture cus to them you do "everything" go "everywhere"
"never Miss a beat" ...I think; Well at least I'm playing my "instrument" loser. SMH

Oh,& Sometimes people use their Significant other as an excuse to fall off. But how do you expect them to stick around when nothing changes, grows or moves them anymore with you? EH-*that's another post*

All in all, this was as honest as it needed to be and well executed two thumbs up.